🐮Project Overview

Transparency and Documentation

Clear and transparent documentation about the project's structure, partnerships and token sale details, including terms and conditions.

Token benefit

Clear description of the token's utility and functionality within the project ecosystem. How will the token contribute to the advancement of the aim of protecting stray animals and meeting their needs?

Market analysis

Market analysis on stray animal protection and adoption, including the challenges it faces, potential opportunities and how the project plans to address these issues

Milestones and Roadmap

A clear roadmap with defined milestones that shows the project's progress and key achievements over time.

Business model

A detailed description of the project's business model, revenue streams, and how it aims to sustain its operations and impact in the long term.


Information about the team's background, experience and expertise in both the stray animal association and cryptocurrency sectors. The reliability and capability of the team are important factors for investors.

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